The Red Sea Turns Red: Sharks Undermine Protectionist’s Propaganda

The Scientist’s faces are turning red with embarassment as they send “shark experts” to the Red Sea to STILL proclaim, “we don’t really know why shark attacks happen.” Wow, it doesn’t take much to be granted a free plane ride (first class, maybe?) to a world class resort and a fat salary, huh?

My blogs are usually long, too long my wife says. This one… well, read all my previous blogs and essays, especially KILLER SHARKS DERAILING PROTECTIONIST’S PROPAGANDA (see link on the bottom of the home page of Sharkman of Cortez) and I’ve already said it all!! I’d love to go on and on as usual about how rediculous the envios, scientists and tourist dollar-drivenEgyption  authorities are about their shark attacks, but I have a book signing to go to, where I tell everyone the truth about sharks. Sharks are dangerous, they kill, end of story. Later,

Captain Bill

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