Tax Dollars used to protect killer sharks

“Holy shit, we just saw a gigantic shark eat what looked like a person in front of our house. . . that shark was huge. Like dinosaur huge!!” Typed witness Greg Copper.

There were plenty of eyewitnesses to the shark attack that took the helpless victim in three bites – that’s right, three bites. So much for mistaken identity and that their bites on humans are only due to investigative accidents. And let’s not forget my favorite quote from “shark expert” Georgie Burgess: “Sharks are sooooo misunderstood.” He also claims you have more to fear from bee stings than from death by shark attack and reiterates that the REAL story is not Shark bites Man but Man bites Shark, referring to sharks killed for their fins. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how this spokesman for the environmentalist con game stays ahead of the straight jacket.

The victim in the above shark attack, 37 year old Lloyd Skinner was consumed by a great white shark, a protected, and as enviros claim, endangered species, as life guards from South Africa’s Fish Hoek beach and a slew of other tourists, including Skinner’s girl friend, watched in horror as the killer shark, swam from the pool of blood into deeper water. Within 24 hours, environmental groups around the world began their propaganda campaign, mocking this human tragedy with their trademark spin.

Many of these organizations receive tax dollars to fund this insane agenda of shark conservation. Enviro hippies say humans invade the sharks’ domain, so why grieve for them? They chant their mantra: “100,000,000 sharks killed each year, even though scientists who pulled this figure out of thin air nearly two decades ago now claim they had no scientific evidence for this number. Conservation group Wild Aid claims that sharks are “the biggest mass slaughter happening on the planet.” A spokesman for Shark Savers, another group that vows to save the precious sharks (and I find this nut really disturbing), claims: “Mankind is a degenerative unstoppable disease which is disgusting . . . destroying everything they touch, consuming the world’s resources . . . reproduces uncontrollably, adding to our population while sharks are the most beautiful creatures of all.” He also says he cries on his bed at night when he sees a shark killed. These idiots comment on my website ( regularly, making threats against me and my family because I post undeniable evidence that disputes their claims. Fact is, sharks are not becoming extinct. The directors of these conservation groups are raking in big bucks and living quite well while peddling their doom and gloom theory. Like the scientist in the Shark Con movie trailer on You Tube says, “Drama, crisis is their bread and butter.”

The Eco’s platform and credibility are being challenged – they’re threatened so they attack with insults, using profanity against anyone who disagrees with them. Common sense (like sharks are wolves of the oceans that do attack people) tears holes in the fabric of their irrational thinking. Most of these animal advocates, or eco-followers, believe they must save wild life from what they perceive as ‘human’s assault on nature.’ Why don’t they stick with a real world cause, like pollution? These socially and emotionally crippled individuals, like the fellow who cries about a dead shark, have unfortunately become a dangerous group of misfits.

Take for example, the strange group of shark attack victims organized by the so-called non-profit Pew Environmentalist, that traveled to Washington D.C. in July, 2009. One of them said, “Finally we can be heard. We forgive the sharks for attacking us, and we’ve bonded with them.” Where are the straight-jackets here? I should mention that these idiots got some fame on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and I bet they were well compensated for their efforts. Misguided as they were, these people did a disservice to others who have died from shark attacks and those who will in the future.

This lobbying blitz was organized to strengthen an existing ban on shark finning in US waters which was introduced into the Senate by Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry. Anyone wonder what voters think of Mr. Kerry pandering to these enviros while greedy bankers are bankrupting our country and American fishermen are losing their jobs? No wonder there is so much voter apathy! Meanwhile environmental gurus collect tax money from the Fish and Game Commission, using unscientific propaganda to brainwash our children. All this in light of increasing shark attacks worldwide due to no longer being hunted.

I wonder when the public will demand accountability. When will rational thinking voters begin to demand safe beaches along American coasts like in Australia and parts of South Africa. And put an end to the ridiculous shark fishing regulations that only serve to protect the trillion dollar US tourist industry. The only good shark is one choking on my baited steel hook and a shotgun hole through its prehistoric head!

Good luck and sweet dreams. Hope you’ll sleep peacefully after the next human gets consumed by one of those misunderstood sharks that Burgess says doesn’t like the taste of humans!
Sharkman of Cortez

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