My God, these eco-scientists (lunatics) defy logic again! I’m captain Bill Goldschmitt, author of Sharkman of Cortez and after 40 years of capturing sharks for a living, I thought I’d heard every reason from the eco-experts why a shark attacks. (Aside from the fact they might be hungry.) This summer’s explanation will floor any rational thinking person. On July 1st, 10 year-old Cassidy Cartwright was savagely bitten on her lower leg while on a boogie board in shallow water off a North Carolina Beach. Cassidy’s mother and a friend fought the attacking shark and pulled the bleeding girl ashore. A tooth from the shark was removed from her leg at the hospital so the species should be identifiable.

At week’s end, on July 7th a 12 year-old Nicholas Vossler was attacked in shallow water along the northern Gulf of Mexico. His father and a family friend also battled the attacking shark to free young Nicholas. His wound was so severe that bone was exposed.

Both children are lucky their parents were able to fight off the attacking sharks but Shark Attack Behaviorists (Shark Protectors) claim the sharks did not intend on feeding on the children. As is typical of pro-shark activists, they maintain that sharks are misunderstood. They don’t want to feed on humans because we taste bad. I wonder who does their food critic interviews! Anyway, this shark researcher from University of Miami claims that sharks don’t bite unless provoked. I wonder what Cassidy’s and Nicholas’ parents think about that. Did their kids attack the sharks?

This shark expert also claims that these incidents are rare and only happen because the shark has no hands to touch or introduce itself when it “investigates” the human intruder. Therefore it must bite. Eric Ritter, a so-called Shark Behaviorist featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week interprets shark attacks as “shark accidents.”! This guy let a bull shark tear into his leg in order to be featured on Discovery Channel. This is shark protector’s logic folks!

It’s unfortunate that these so-called scientists are in positions of authority like NOAA and FWC where they can promote their anti-shark fishing agenda. Aaron Podey of Florida Fish and Wildlife has declared our state’s waters as a “shark sanctuary and a unique opportunity to conserve and protect shark species.”  It’s not illegal now to actually catch a shark, fishermen are allowed one shark per person or two per boat. However FWC added the lemon shark as a prohibited species in 2010. Two years earlier they put the sandbar and dusky sharks  on this same list, and this year they want to add the hammerhead and the tiger to the prohibited list. (And they split hairs about semantics: these sharks are not “protected” they’re “prohibited”, which to me, sounds like they’re protected.) I’m sure Makos and bulls sharks are next!

This is their agenda. 23 of the28 available species of Florida sharks are now protected or prohibited (you can’t catch them. ) In two years, outdoorsmen will find no legal sharks to catch. A comforting thought next time your kids go swimming!

Where is the logic? I plan to sue both NOAA and FWC to demand their evidence of declining shark stocks. Will you? Time is running out, I ask that my readers join in this fight for truth. E-mail Governor Scott about this ILLOGICAL ‘protect the shark’ agenda before it’s too late!

Captain Bill

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