SHARKS ATTACKING CHILDREN: while Florida Fish and Wildlife declares open season on southern bathers!

This is no joke—during the month of June, FWC held quiet meetings in five Florida cities
with as little fanfare as possible to inform the few who showed up of their proposal to add dangerous hammerhead and tiger sharks to their banned fishing list. Armed with no evidence, FWC analyst Aaron Pody, claimed both species are overfished and need protection.

I’m Captain Bill Goldschmitt, author of Sharkman of Cortez and I was present on June 23 to debate this ridiculous nonsense. It’s open season on bathers! Eight shark attacks have occurred in less than three months in south Atlantic and Gulf waters. Four of these attacks were on children aged, 14, 12, 10 and a little 5 year-oldgirl. That’s right, folks, this government agency believes the protection of savage predator sharks is more important than public safety. I list three eco-lunatics with influence over FWC as a real danger to humans. They are:

One: George Burgess, Director of the International Shark Attack File. Burgess suggests that a bather should “Swim with a companion to avoid a shark attack.” Is this so you
don’t get eaten alone, or you just reduce your chances of being eaten to 50%? He also says, “Future generations must act to save sharks.” And, “One hundred million sharks are killed a year while only ten humans are fatally attacked, so it’s pretty obvious who the REAL aggressor is.” God help us.

Two: Bobbie Hueter, Director of shark research at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. He claims, “Shark stocks have declined significantly over 25 years due to commercial fishing”. Yet Florida and the U.S. has had no viable commercial shark fishing industry for nearly two decades. He’s not sure how many sharks are in Florida waters.  He says, “There is not a reliable method for collecting data or to determine their true numbers.”! (This
guy seems to view life through pink harmonious glasses-I wonder if he could assess how many whores surround a New Orleans lamppost!)

Three: Neil Hammerschlag of University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Conservation Program. This frizzy haired, pimply crusader of sharks laments the disappearing sharks in a fragile eco-system. A self-proclaimed nemesis of shark fishermen, he received threats after defending bull sharks that killed 38 year old Stephen Schafer, a kiteboarder attacked near Stuart, Florida. He says, “Attacks are rare and they don’t bite unless provoked.” Neil let one reporter know that he and his wife plan to name their children for different shark species…can we find a pair of his and her straight-jackets, PLEASE??

Seriously, I admit this shark protection is no joke. It’s the result of these deranged eco-lunatics who hold strategic positions of authority which enables them to dupe the press
with their fabrications of declining shark stocks, doom and gloom predictions,
and theories why sharks attack humans (maybe they’re hungry??). And…their simplistic
belief that no fish or animal should be killed for sport, food or self-preservation. These are animal-rights activists who are making decisions that affect us all. Humans use oceans for recreation; common sense tells us we need to protect ourselves.

The FWC will meet January, 2012 in Key Largo to formally adopt the hammerhead and tiger sharks as protected. Their agenda is clear: 23 of the 28 species of Florida sharks are now protected but they want them ALL protected. Go to the public swimming pool everyone! In 2011 shark attacks have increased worldwide and you can bet if hammerheads and tigers are protected, I will take legal action.

On September 8, 2010, two fishermen in the Bahamas hooked a large tiger shark. Its stomach contained a headless torso of a 300 pound man. Protectionists claimed the man drowned. I’m not making this up, folks. The facts are as clear as the sky is blue. The quotes I use here are from news clips and websites. Is anyone besides me listening??? Stop this insanity before a child dies.

Captain Bill



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