Shark Attack Facts Vs. Eco Con Fantasy

Sharks are apex predators. They’ve killed or maimed humans over hundreds of years and many of these horrific shark attacks have been well documented. Yet shark fishermen have been harassed, their livelihoods virtually destroyed by Eco Propaganda that in recent years has resulted in unethical fishing restrictions. Why? To protect those cuddly, charismatic sharks, of course!

Fantasy theories of doom and gloom and near-extinction of sharks has successfully brainwashed young or misinformed animal lovers. But make no mistake, when a shark attack gets headlines, especially when there are eye-witness accounts, the Eco Freaks find themselves face-to-face with the truth: sharks bite! And worldwide, humans have died! But they’ll sugar-coat the obvious with their spin: “It was mistaken identity.”  “The shark must have been provoked.” “The water was cloudy and the shark was chasing a fish.” And if a victim’s body isn’t found, he must have drowned of course. It goes on and on.

For rational thinkers, here are the facts: Professional protesters or animal saviors create very organized, well-oiled fund-raising machines capable of peddling their views beyond their numbers. They pander erroneous information, fabricated to support their agendas: “doom and gloom.” They create crises and push panic scenarios of extinction. They’re duping the public, while raising tons of easy money. One need not look far: newsletters, magazine ads, posters, celebrities speaking on radio and TV, begging you to: “Send Money! We’ve got to save the whatever.”

Whales, elephants, seals, sea turtles, cuddly panda bears, wolves, — all very charismatic species for their fundraising templates.  You name it, you fund it, they can save it! Even predator sharks have become humanized; “they don’t mean to kill humans, they’re sooo misunderstood…” By who? The Eco Idiots. True wildlife experts, with in-the-field credentials have proven: When predator protection through hunting or fishing restrictions are imposed, other food species die more rapidly. That’s right! Protectionist propaganda is preached in classrooms, nature shows and in literature. Eco Idiots claim animals only kill politely. Seals don’t chomp cod, wolves don’t tear apart moose, elephants don’t destroy trees by stripping the bark, and killer whales don’t toss seal pups around like rag dolls. Oh, and that captive Orca that killed its trainer at Sea World? They claim, “She had it coming, serves her right for its confinement.”

And don’t forget those misunderstood tiger sharks that consume seabirds and thousands of freshly hatched loggerhead turtles. Does anybody get this? Protecting sharks equals less turtle nests on the beach. Fact! Undisputable, but Mote Marine Lab., PETA, Wild Aid, Humane Society etc., all need your money to pay their salaries! Never mind sustainable conservation, just pander doom-and-gloom, get the bucks.

My favorite example of duping the public is the saga of Free Willy. Remember the movies: 1,2,3? 36 million dollars were raised during half a decade to save the killer whale. Animal rights organizations had one of the best cash cows ever, thanks to Hollywood. Yet most scientists knew freedom for the captive orca would mean certain death in the wild. That didn’t matter to the Eco Freaks. “Let him go.” “Give us your money.” Well, Willy died before the year was out. Millions of dollars were vacuumed from well-intentioned, brain-washed contributors, many were children. Oh, and the real cost to set poor Willy free? Less than one hundred grand. What happened to the rest of the loot??

I know, conservation, of course! If you believe that, I’ve got ocean-front property for sale in Arizona-real cheap!

Captain Bill Goldschmitt

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