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Florida Shark Fisherman

Are Florida Shark Fisherman Becoming Extinct? Give a few hysterical activists or environmental groups of extremists (say Mote Marine Laboratory, Peta or Green Peace) an emotionally charged cause like Save the Sharks from Over Fishing and they’ll twist it into … Continue reading

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Sharks on Display vs Shark Attack Reality

“Sharks don’t eat us Mommy, they’re really misunderstood,” a child says to her mother. “I know, baby,” don’t they look so cute swimming around, almost smiling at us?” Mom answers. The aquarium narrator proclaims: “Sharks have more to fear from … Continue reading

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Shark Attack Facts Vs. Eco Con Fantasy

Sharks are apex predators. They’ve killed or maimed humans over hundreds of years and many of these horrific shark attacks have been well documented. Yet shark fishermen have been harassed, their livelihoods virtually destroyed by Eco Propaganda that in recent … Continue reading

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My original manuscript (Shark Hunt) was for fishermen and scuba divers. I felt sports fishermen would be interested in knowing how, when, and where to find Florida sharks since most species are seasonal and migration patterns vary depending on what … Continue reading

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