Sharkman of Cortez Inspiration for New Documentary

The screening of The Shark Con ( on April 17 at St. Petersburg’s Sunscreen Film Festival has finally exposed the truth about “shark conservation.” Inspired by meeting Captain Bill last year, Director Rusty Armstrong and Writer Steven Pavon created this contoversial film which has now hit the film festival circuit. They’ve interviewed such reknown “experts” as George Burgess of the International Shark attack file and Eric Ritter, “Shark Behaviorialist” But really, Captain Bill, with his years of fishing experience and caustic wit, steals the show…

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My original manuscript (Shark Hunt) was for fishermen and scuba divers. I felt sports fishermen would be interested in knowing how, when, and where to find Florida sharks since most species are seasonal and migration patterns vary depending on what they eat. I also was compelled to lay out facts from my hands-on experience capturing these savage predators while putting to rest some misinformation circulated from less reliable sources. Sharks are essential in the world’s ecosystems, but make no mistake about how lethal they are to the unprotected. Shark attacks against swimmers, surfers, divers, victims of air or sea disasters are often fatal. Yet when compared to other deaths like disease, murder, traffic fatalities, deaths by shark bite pale in numbers. Nonetheless, one’s demise as consumed by a predatory animal is tragic and nothing to mock. And if preventable, all methods should be exercised to protect human safety. In a civilized world, humans take precedence over beast!

Scuba divers are at less risk from attack since most sharks perceive them as possible danger and will avoid contact. However, if stimulated by food, acting territorial or going rogue after becoming injured or aging, some sharks can and will threaten underwater humans, often approaching divers when they’re vulnerable: entering or exiting the surface.

I know my book will be an asset to anyone who wants to fish, dive or simply study sharks. But since my expertise is not in the literary field, publishers suggested I find a co-author who could enhance my story behind the photographs into a more enlightening form. For several years I resisted but finally agreed my story would be better received as a memoir. So Shark Hunt became Sharkman of Cortez. It’s been a long journey. Four decades.

The book will soon be published, and our staff prepared “prerelease pledge packages,” distributed by mail to marinas, tackle and bait shops, fishing centers, nautical shops, tiki bars and diving centers. The goal: to gauge subject interest other than at book stores, though the book will be available there as well. Each package contained a copy of the book cover, an introduction and a color cut sheet of photos of underwater live sharks and surface shots of dead sharks I’d captured. We then made personal appearances to secure signing dates.

The response has been overwhelming. Charter Captains in particular welcomed this fresh story.

“We’re tired of all this ‘save the shark’ crap,” one Skipper said. “Hell, they’re thick as sardines offshore and they kill most of the good fish before we get ‘em boatside. Every time we bring a shark to the dock, some tree hugger whines about killing the ‘poor shark.’ Them pussies need to get a life.” As a retired commercial fisherman, I understand these charter guys.

What I didn’t anticipate was the response from many owners and managers of Diving Centers. I’ve dealt with similar episodes and wasn’t surprised: sharks are not good for the tourist economy. After looking over my presale packets with dive shop personnel from the panhandle to the Florida Keys, I was repeatedly told, “Your book looks awesome, Captain but I cannot sell it in my shop. I’d be shooting myself in the foot. We tell potential customers, those that are considering becoming certified divers, that sharks are few and far. Maybe a small nurse shark or two at reefs. But that’s about it. The veteran divers know that sharks are out there and where to find them but after logging all that dive time they get to respect sharks. It’s the newcomers. If we carry your book, we’re kind of acknowledging that sharks exist and could be dangerous. And that’s bad for business.”

One owner in Islamorada pointed to his wall of spear guns and remarked, “We used to sponsor spear fishing tournaments and now I can’t sell any of them.” Then he pointed to a case of disposable underwater cameras. “I sell a lot of that crap. Nobody wants to kill anything any more, just take pictures, Captain.” Another dive shop manager in Key West said, “Your book looks great. I’ll buy it, but I mean I can’t sell it. I do business with a lot of Enviros and your book’s got all these pictures of sharks you killed. Some of my customers are the emotional and squeamish type. They are relentless and they’ll boycott me for sure if I sell a shark hunter’s story. It’s the economy, sorry.”

Well, not to worry. Presales are robust elsewhere and our distribution will be worldwide. Check out my website: The times are a changing and I’ve got to educate a younger generation who’s been fed two decades of eco-bullshit.

Another quote from a dive shop owner: “Thanks for stoppin’ by Captain and I look forward to the book. Can’t wait to read it.

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Killer Sharks are Closing in on Coastal Shores

A 16 foot great white breaches the surface, cutting a California seal in half. Blood swirls as the predator swallows the first, then the second half before disappearing beneath the water. 3 days later, on August 11, 2009 at Stinson Beach, a mile south of the seal attack, 4 more white sharks are sighted only 200 yards from this California shore. Witness photograph the sharks with cell phones.

On August 30, across the globe in Glentana Bay, South Africa, a surfer dies after a savage attack – the shark takes his leg– yum, yum, another statistic!

In the Pacific, tiger sharks attack swimmers off Kawa Kau beaches in Hawaii. There are three victims.

Along the US east coast, 5 great white sharks are tagged by researchers in what is called an

unprecedented amount of shark sightings near Chatham, Cape Cod. And on November 13, a fellow boating close to shore off Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, photographs a 16 foot white shark with his cell phone.

In my home state of Florida, record numbers of sharks – tigers, bulls, lemons, great hammerheads and blacktips are being hooked and beached by sports fishermen from Daytona to Key West and in the Gulf coast to the Florida Panhandle and into Texas waters. And, not little five-footers, but ‘biguns.’ Some up to 14 feet long, 1000 pounds or more. South of us, during March of this year, hoards of bull sharks invaded the southern coast of Costa Rica. Government officials demand something must be done!

Now amid all these verifiable, undeniable newspaper, TV films, photographs, hospital reports and reliable witnesses, why do environmental groups like Wild Aid, Safe Shark and a slew of eco-idiots continue to push the disappearing shark theory and related propaganda across the world? PROFIT and POWER: profit from their eco-businesses (send money to save the X) and an intoxicating power to persuade and control the public.

On every environmental website you’ll see the slogan “one hundred million sharks killed each year!” Really? This slogan of theirs means jobs and money. “Going green” equals folding cash! It’s eco-business and big bucks to pander to the doom-and-gloom theory. They feed on drama and crisis like sharks feed on each other. Meanwhile destroying both commercial and recreational fishing with their propaganda films that tug at unsuspecting hearts and wallets. “Send us your money, we need to save the sharks!” While they stage photos of dead sharks, fins cut off, lying on the sea floor. I’m not saying this never happens, just not to the extent they say it does. And hey, commercially fishing for sharks near shore, or recreational fishing for a few of them is not the same as those lunatics that cut the fins off somewhere in the deep sea. That’s like saying someone who snaps a twig from a tree is deforesting a nation.

Now let’s address their supposed shark net problem: They film porpoise tangled in the nets off Durbin, South Africa where 17 million dollars are spent annually to use and maintain these nets to protect millions of tourists from shark attacks. This is a staged performance, utilizing an already dead animal. Sea mammals have exceptional sonar detection and wouldn’t simply “get caught” in a net. I used to capture bottle-nosed dolphins for the Miami Seaquarium and those buggas are smart! It took three boats to chase the dolphin into the nets; many times they’d simply jump over it. Environmental photographs are often staged, convincing the ignorant of their follies. Thankfully, in Durbin, their government recognized that human death is bad business so the enviro-nuts aren’t able to shut down the beach netting that keeps tourists safe. And if sharks are nearing extinction, why have the catch totals from these nets been increasing over the last four years? Maybe the eco-nuts want these nets shut down because they prove their theories false! Some government officials believe that the eco-tours to watch great whites feed while divers photograph them from cages is causing the sharks to lose their natural fear of man – another reason they are coming closer to shore.

Tampa 2002: Environmentalist groups The National Audubon Society, Earth Justice and Ocean Conservatory took donated money and sued NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric) and NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) to add leverage for their causes, resulting in even more regulations, more regulations!!! And now, these government agencies are only too happy to comply.

Mote Marine Laboratory, working with The Florida Fish Wildlife Conservation Commission, is flexing their power muscle as well; Executive Director of the Southern Offshore Fishing Association, Bob Spaeth, knows how all their fishing restrictions can kill the commercial fishing industry, as does Sean Paxton, who represents The International Shark Fishing Association. Even William Fundora’s group – The South Florida Shark Club, is affected. And all these fishermen will be facing new restrictions in 2010. Lee Schlesinger of The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission claims too many sharks are dying, speaking from the state that leads the world in shark attacks! And Delray Beach City Commissioners passed a law that prohibits anglers from fishing for sharks along the shore as of July 2009. Who’s dinner bell are they ringing?

We need to face the truth here: sharks’ only natural predator is Man. Because of all this rampant protection and pocket-lining, sharks are growing in numbers off our shores and vital fishing industries are being decimated. Hey you with the tugged at hearstrings: look past the staged photos and films, look past the brainwashing propaganda, realize you’re being had, and search for the truth – it’s really about power and greed, not about conservation. Shouldn’t it be about protecting the public, not saving a predator?

Author poses with dusky, bull and sandbar sharks; Anna Maria City pier in background

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Sharkman of Cortez sets the Record Straight

I’ve spent nearly 45 years of my life on or near the water. The early days
in the sixties, as a net puller and craber. From the seventies and on I was
a commercial shark fisherman. I studied the behavior of these predators from
the surface and below and often in captivity. I learned a lot, but during my
59 years I’ve found another species of shark almost as dangerous if not as
deadly. They walk on two legs, come in many shapes and sizes, and their
egos, lies, greed and deceptions can leave another human desperate and dying
just as sure as from those with fins and teeth. You can find them in board
rooms or behind expensive, wooden desks with very impressive titles and
degrees. They all feed on self-indulgence, each one fighting over the
biggest scientific monetary endowment, while destroying the dreams of

Back in the sixties, I watched as two of these land sharks – one, an
intellectual scientist, the other, a successful entrepreneur – take a woman
biologist’s dream and claim it for themselves. Her dream was The Cape Haze
Marine Lab and the biologist was Eugenie Clark. (Author of Lady with a Spear
and The Lady and the Sharks) These two sharks tried to feed on a young
fisherman and his wife but when they couldn’t manipulate or control his
destiny, they set out to wipe out his livelihood in the name of
conservation. Their legacy lives on but in their wake was planted the seeds
of more egos, more greed and more deception. This new breed of
environmentalist mentality is hell-bent on disrupting ecosystems worldwide,
while claiming the necessity of World Management.

In Florida, from 1935 to 1950, a thriving shark fishing industry captured
sharks for their livers, rich in vitamin A. Later, in the seventies and
eighties, sharks were captured for fins and meat but on a much smaller

I began fishing exclusively for shark during this period. As an independent
fisherman, I captured more than 6000 sharks from a fishing zone not more
than six miles from shore, nor more than nine miles long and at a depth
never exceeding 45 feet. A small area, for sure. Using a long line strung
along the Gulf floor, I kept extensive records of my catch – species, sex,
tides, moon, bait used, etc. My catch records were so precise that Dr.
Stewart Springer, formerly with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, often
claimed my records were the best he’d ever examined.

Not during any of my years of shark fishing was there any evidence of
declining fish stocks. In fact, during 1985 upward, catch totals began to increase.

From 1980 to present day, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission, in concert with the Mote Marine Laboratory, have mounted a
successful propaganda and regulations campaign against both commercial and
recreational fishermen. Not only crippling all fishing industries, but
eliminating shark harvest completely. Everything from stone crab, to
grouper, to jewfish, redfish, red snapper and shark have been regulated ad
nauseam. All for the so-called need for health and balanced ecosystems.

Since my main expertise lies with sharks, I’ve had to contend with a slew of
self-proclaimed eco-activists, as I’ve prepared to release my book, Sharkman
of Cortez. My two-legged sharks from years past have become what many
fishermen call “eco-greenies” of today. And debating them leaves one
frustrated. In an attempt to set the record straight on declining fish
stocks – sharks – I will address three questions most avoided by the
conservationists – the greenies that attack me and those like me:

1. Asked if they would like their job or the industry in which they work
eliminated due to false information fabricated by scientists, I’m told no
they would not. Then they chant like a mantra, that fabricated nugget of
science: “over a hundred million sharks killed every year.” That is the
benchmark by which all environmental web sites base their beliefs. There
will be more in the news soon as to how this calculation came to be….

2. Asked if they would like their right to fish along a stretch of beach
denied, again, the answer is “no.” Yet this was done to the members of the
South Florida Shark Club in 2009. The eco-greenie logic: “well, sharks are
over-fished and I don’t agree to catching a species that is declining.”
(Still referring to that original, fabricated benchmark.)

3. When asked what he/she could say to those who’ve suffered the tragedy of
a loved one dying needlessly from a shark attack: “I would not wipe out a
species due to human death. (Though tragic.)” No one is asking to “wipe out
an entire species,” just to prevent tragedies.

In conclusion: I, and most American fishermen, don’t believe in finning
sharks and discarding what remains. I don’t want to kill every shark in the
ocean, it’s not possible – that would be like trying to kill every fire ant
in Florida. I just believe in capturing the predators that jeopardize public
safety along the beaches. And I believe we all have the right to fish in
peace, unrestricted by the unjust regulations put forth by over-educated
egos driven by publicity and greed.

Eco-Greenies or two-legged sharks? Take your pick.

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Predator Sharks – From Fact to Fantasy


Mote Marine Lab's Gift Shop

Are environmentalists brainwashing your children??

As a five year old, I was horrified at the sight of several lions attacking, killing, then eating a defenseless antelope. I was watching an episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. “The lions are eating Bambi!” I cried. Mom said, “It’s okay, Billy,” then to Dad she said, “Turn that show off!” “Why? It’s real life!” he yelled back “Some things die to sustain other animals. The boy’s gotta learn about real life. Ya want the kid to grow up and be a sissy!”

Not to worry, Dad, by the time I was 10, I’d learned plenty about the survival of the fittest. And at 17, I was a runaway living a commercial fisherman’s life in Florida, far from native Pittsburgh. Not many lions prowling along the Gulf of Mexico, but I did learn a lot about sharks. They are savage predators that tore apart our gill nets, crab traps and grouper long lines to eat our catch. More times than I can remember they would cut a prized fish in half, before I could get it  boatside. Still, the reality of shark predation didn’t hit me until I watched my pet German Shepard, Lucky, die in the trap-like jaws of an 11 foot hammerhead while my girlfriend and I frantically swam to my boat only 200 yards from the beach. I wanted to kill that son-of-a-bitch!


The reality of that day impacted me as much as when I was 5, watching those lions drag that animal carcass to dinner. I spent the next 30 years fishing for those predator sharks, often capturing them live for display in public oceanariums. Maintaining species like tiger, bull, lemon and sand tiger gave visitors the opportunity to view them close up. I often thought of Lucky, while watching those savage sharks ripping into a tuna or jack we’d feed them in the Shark Channel at the Miami Seaquarium. At Marineland in St. Augustine, we had to remove some sharks from the display, once they had adapted to captivity and would eat each other at night. The reality of sharks is simple: they eat and make more sharks. Part of the food chain? Yes. Misunderstood and dwindling in numbers? Don’t believe it.

Somehow, after those epic shark movies hit the screen in the 70’s, the perception of sharks began to reverse. Times sure have changed: we have satellites in space, moonwalks, worldwide instant communication, instant photography and gay marriage. And we have those now cute little sharks needing our protection. Huh? We got earth harmony-the world’s coming to an end if we don’t ‘go green!’ Protect everything (except humans, as soldiers are still dying in wars): elephants are overpopulating Africa in the name of conservation (for tourism, mind you, but that’s another article), while these pachyderms kill natives. Environmentalists say our oceans are losing sharks, they’re ‘near extinction’ and they only bite (or eat) humans by accident – mistaken identity, they claim.

Guess those Wild Kingdom episodes got turned off because the parents thought the kids couldn’t handle reality. My own son came home from school one day saying his science teacher told the class the fishermen had killed all the sharks. I had to take him and his brother fishing that night. I thought of sending him to school the next day with one of our blacktip on ice, but figured he’d get sent to detention.

Let me give you some facts about how your kids are getting brainwashed by these environmental extremists. My wife and I visited the Florida Aquarium in Tampa and got a dose of how they desensitize the real danger that sharks pose. Visitors are encouraged to don a wetsuit and face mask, and enter a shark protective cage so they can see how the captive sharks swim in harmony, showing no interest in humans. We watched as small nurse, Australian zebra, dogfish and sandbar sharks swam harmlessly about the aquarium. None of the aforementioned species are worthy of any true example of shark danger. Hell, those pups couldn’t pull apart a pizza pie! Missing from the exhibit were the tiger, bull, lemon and sand tiger sharks that would’ve been legitimate aggressors. Their exhibit was more like strolling the park, photographing butterflies and squirrels, not like jumping a junkyard fence protected by frothing dobermans or rottweilers. Get the difference? I wonder what those many shark attack victims or those who lost loved ones to sharks think of this insane propaganda.

My wife and I then toured Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. We entered a theater where the visitors and their children are encouraged to assume the identity of a cute caricature of a swimming, pregnant, sand tiger shark as it searches for food to nourish its unborn babies. “Aaahh…” the effeminate narrator chimes as he warns you (the shark) to watch out for those BAD fishermen who want to kill you with their SHARP HOOKS! Narrator continues to claim you must survive and give birth to your two babies, if your species is to survive extinction! I was amused, walking out of the theater, that the film producers chose to portray the sand tiger species, rather than the more prolific tiger or great hammerheads that give birth to hundreds of pups at a time. And they also chose to omit one really important fact about the sand tiger: the species learns cannibalism before birth as the first two embryos eat their brothers and sisters before mom gives birth to the two sharks, one from each oviduct. Selective education, I think.

After the visitors exit the show, and feeling now very sympathetic toward the poor ‘defenseless’ shark, they are encouraged to have their picture taken with Gilly, the soft and cuddly Mote shark mascot! Like the famous rodent that feeds on garbage and carries diseases, that Walt Disney enshrined as Mickey Mouse, the exploitation never ends!

Good luck if your child, now flush with misinformation about sharks, ever bumps into a shark while swimming at the beach; the result won’t be as fun as meeting Gilly. We cannot ask Jamie Daigle, a 14 year old shark attack victim, she’s dead. The ‘experts’ said she swam out too far. Well, had she’d known any better? If a shark is a cuddly thing that needs protecting, why not swim out as far as you want?



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They’re dwindling in Numbers?

August 11th, Unusual Shark Sighting Results in
 Beach Closures along Northern California Coast,
Including Stinson Beach
August 30, Great White Kills Swimmer at
Glentana Bay, South Africa, Beaches Closed
Sept 6,  5 Great Whites cause Beach Closures
along Coast of Chatham, Mass.
Sept. 18, Pittsburgh Man Killed by Sharks off
North Carolina Coast
Oct. 6, Increased Shark Sightings Along Southern
California Coast Causes Beach Closures
Oct.7, Man Requires 130 Stitches after Attack
in Florida Keys (in 120 foot wide canal)
Oct. 19, Tiger Shark Attacks Surfer at Kalama
Beach, Kihei, Hawaii. Maui County Officials
Close Beaches
Oct. 24, Queensland Officials to Close Beaches
after Bull Sharks Caught in Large Numbers in
Southeast Canals
         Seems those predator sharks that are
near extinction are making a comeback this
year! Somebody must be reading my website-
never have there been so many beach closures
since I began advocating lawsuits. It is time to
hold somebody other than sharks accountable.
Here come the grinning lawyers with dorsal
fins! Da-dump-da-dump-da-dump!
Have a nice day!
Captain Bill Goldschmitt
              The Courier Mail, Brisbane, Australia:

A MONSTER predator lurking off the Queensland coast is so big it was nearly able to bite this 3m white pointer shark in half.

The massive chunks were probably taken out by a giant white pointer that could easily be more than 5m long, based on the size of the huge bites on the sides of its smaller rival, experts say.

The shark-on-shark attack occurred off North Stradbroke Island, east of Brisbane.

The monster took advantage of the smaller shark being snared on a baited drumline set off the island’s popular Cylinder, Main and Deadman’s beaches.

Pictures: Great Whites

The State Government, which issues licences for shark nets and drumlines, has been under pressure in recent weeks to scale back the program after five migrating whales were trapped in nets off Queensland’s coast.

But Fisheries Minister Tim Mulherin said the capture of the 3m shark – and the indication of a larger one feeding in the area – bolstered the decision to keep shark nets and lines in place.

He said there were no special plans in place to hunt the monster shark but contractors had reset drum lines in the area.

There were shark jitters among some on North Stradbroke Island yesterday, where the water was packed with surfers for the annual Straddie Assault contest.

Ashton Smith, 19, of the Gold Coast, was menaced by a 2m shark while surfing with a friend off Frenchman’s Beach at Point Lookout on Friday.

“It was quite close to us before we realised it was a shark. We came in (to the beach) because it was hanging around.

“I’ve heard about the big one lurking. Every surfer is always cautious over here.”

Fishing charter operator John Gooding said shark numbers had dramatically increased in the area recently.

“They’re everywhere. Some days you struggle to get a fish on to the boat before the sharks take them,” he said.

There were no shark sightings yesterday from crew in the Westpac rescue helicopter which patrolled the Gold Coast, North and South Stradbroke Islands and parts of Moreton Bay.

On the Sunshine Coast, Marcoola Beach was shut down briefly yesterday morning after a reported shark sighting. But it turned out to be a 2.5m manta ray.

In the 47 years since the shark net and drumline program was introduced in Queensland there has been only one fatal attack on a protected beach. That was on the Moreton Bay side of Stradbroke Island when 21-year-old student Sarah Kate Whiley was killed at Amity Point in January 2006.

Australian Marine Conservation Society director Darren Kindleysides said recent figures on the number of sharks caught showed the nets were working but at huge cost to whales, dolphins and turtles.

Hervey Bay shark hunter Vic Hislop believes sharks nets are too damaging to the overall marine environment. He thinks methods should be explored to scare away sharks rather than capture and kill them.

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Florida Shark Attacks 2010:


As a semi-retired shark fisherman and shark hunter of nearly 5 decades, by the way there IS a difference: shark fishermen catch sharks to make a living while shark hunters kill them out of passion or sport. I’ve enjoyed both with no regrets! However, the past decade I’ve become increasingly concerned over a species almost as deadly as the apex marine predators I’ve hunted. They are land sharks and they come in 3 distinct groups, none of which is concerned with human safety:
The first group consists of politicians and government agencies protecting a trillion dollar tourist industry (their cash cow). Second are the rent-a-scientists who support (and who are financially supported by) this regulatory regime (fishing regulations.) Third are the environmental extremists who prop up the first two groups by creating an exaggerated crisis concerning “ocean harmony” with impending shark extinction. These environmental groups identify themselves with catchy titles like, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, The Shark Specialist Group, Shark Safe and my favorites: Earth Justice and Oceanic Dreams.
These tinkerbells, or pansies –excuse me– I mean concerned hippies of today should not be confused with legitimate conservationists who have a realistic understanding of the world’s ecosystems. The aforementioned fanatics I dare say have never viewed a corpse laying on a slab at the morgue after a deadly shark attack nor witnessed the surgery of a shark attack victim clinging to life on an operating table. No, they minimize this HUMAN death as the price one must pay for conservation efforts. (Even George Burgess, curator of the International Shark Attack file said ‘he attributes the high number of (shark) bites to…stricter fishery management regulations that have increased the shark population.’ WESH 2 News, 9-15-2008). I compare these idiots to those who would relinquish the backyard BBQ to mounds of fire ants and bacteria carrying mosquitos rather than address the real problem. I’ve been amazed how these people can be driven to hysteria at the sight of a dead pregnant shark as a sort of animal cruelty yet be indifferent to human child abuse or abortion. Both issues of which should be more deserving of one’s attention and passion. These “environmentalists” have always had the view of Man as the overpopulated cancer against nature.
All 3 of these land shark predators have agendas motivated by greed and the instinct for self preservation which is why they ignore the undisputable facts concerning the danger from sharks while they pursue their predator preservation propaganda. These land sharks claim the marine predators are misunderstood. They use words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘graceful’ or ‘majestic’ to describe these ‘awesome creatures.’ They claim shark attacks are the case of mistaken identity and the chance of an encounter is less than being struck by lightning. On April 25, 2008, retired vetenarian Dave Martin, 66, was killed by a shark along the coast of Solana Beach in Southern California. One of those land shark scientists was quoted as saying, “the attacking white shark probably mistook Martin for a seal.” (Does that make him nay less dead?) The shark must have liked the taste of the man-seal as witnesses say Martin was attacked repeatedly! So much for ‘mistaken identity.’ Horseshit like this really pisses me off. I could recount many more attacks similar in nature but I’ll site only one more, also off the coast of California: the savage attack against Albert Kogler, 18, on May 7, 1959 – this too was considered mistaken identity but the experts forgot that Albert’s girlfriend Shirley O’Neill and Army Sergeant Leo P. Day had to pull the victim to shore while the shark repeatedly attacked him. Maybe that shark needed glasses.
Back to September of 2008 when George Burgess made his statement about the increase in shark attacks; this land shark neglects to admit that he, since 1992, has had a hand implementing those same regulations! After his 2008 statement, he attempted to recant it by doctoring his statistics to confuse the public as to which attacks are ‘unprovoked’ or ‘provoked.’ He is also linked to the government financed gravy train and implies that because less attacks are fatal this somehow minimizes sharks’ danger to humans. Fact is, more victims have survived savage attacks because of major advancements in medical treatments and doctors trained in the treatments of shark bites! Even victims have been educated to better defend themselves from the attacker. (One more step to minimize attacks is to simply put the truth out there so unsuspecting tourists don’t jump into the water when schools of sharks are sighted off the beaches!)
A compelling example of an attack that years ago would have been fatal is that of 13 year old Bethany Hamilton. This brave young surfer was savagely attacked by a 12 foot tiger shark off the north shore of Hawaii in October of 2003. She recounts that fateful day in her autobiography Soul Surfer. Her devastating attack nearly cost her life but for the bravery of those with her and the medical technology available she only lost her arm and not her spirit. The attacking shark was subsequently caught and killed by fishermen and the beast is pictured in her book. Read it! You might gain a better understanding of shark trauma.
Another group of land sharks made headlines lately, with a pathetic twist; the environmental group, PEW (don’t know what that stands for) organized nine shark attack survivors to lobby Capitol Hill in support of stronger restrictions on shark fishing! Of course, they claimed impending shark extinction. This odd gathering stated, “we’ll finally be heard.” Claimed one victim, “we forgive the sharks and we’ve bonded with them.” Huh? All of them spoke of having invaded the sharks’ domain, and after all, they were only hungry! (God help us.) Well, they got their moment of fame, isn’t that simply human nature? I should add that this gathering was paid for by the so-called, non-profit group, PEW. Several of the attack victims that PEW sponsored had been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.” Even morbid fame has its perks!
So, nine victims were talked into this charade, what about the thousands of other victims that refused to participate? Or, what about the ones who died a victim? Like 14 year old Jamie Daigle, who, in June of 2005 was visiting Florida from Louisiana. She was nearly ripped in half by a bull shark off the Florida Panhandle. “Experts’ claimed she and a friend were swimming “out too far” past the sandbar. As the ‘great senator’ from Massachusetts, John Kerry introduces another idiotic shark protection bill to the floor, Jamie Daigle, like so many other shark attack victims, will never be heard. They’re DEAD.
Screw this type of mentality, let’s get serious folks. It’s time to wake up before the pundits at Mote Marine Laboratory (more land sharks) succeed in re-educating, or brainwashing your children into believing sharks are sweet, cuddly bambis of the sea. Oh, by the way, here’s an interesting story about Mote when they were pushing protection of man from sharks in the 1970’s:
When Mote was located on Siesta Key and under the direction of Dr. Perry W. Gilbert (now deceased), the Office of Naval Research gave them a contract to study whether a bottlenosed dolphin could act as a body guard for navy divers, for their protection from dangerous sharks (wow, this would never happen today!) Back then, the scientists understood the dangers of sharks to Man. In 1958, they’d even formed a group called The Shark Research Panel, also at the request of the US Navy. Two of the men on this panel I have held much respect for: Dr. David H. Baldridge, who’d had a distinguished Navy career working on shark attack deterrents, and Dr. Stewart Springer of the US Fisheries Service, both very straight men who, at times, found it hard to wade through the fruits and nuts at Mote Marine Laboratory. Both men understood the importance of analyzing what could be done to effectively protect the public from deadly shark encounters. Unfortunately the Florida Fish and Game Commission found that Dr. Springer’s 25 years of research did not conform to their ‘overfishing’ propaganda and therefore was essentially ignored.
With Mote’s Shark Porpoise Program, as Dr. Gilbert titled it, the plan was to starve a bottlenose dolphin into headbutting dead sharks and gradually introducing them to small, live sharks until they could force a larger predator to flee into an adjacent shark channel. This heavily funded research lasted about 2 years. Remember the greed I mentioned earlier? The plug was finally pulled by the Navy when they realized the dolphin could determine the difference between dangerous bull sharks (which eat dolphin) and the less aggressive sandbar sharks that had been used in the study, something the ‘scientists’ could not do. Seems the mammal was smarter than the land sharks!
I’ve often thought of what the hysterical environmentalists would think today if such an experiment was attempted. I mean, offering Flipper as a meal to predator sharks! I bet that would cause more rage than Miss California’s opposition to same sex marriage!
In conclusion, I believe the General Public must step forward and voice their feelings about shark protection before it’s too late. Indifference by the public against more government regulations protecting this heavily populated apex predator will ultimately result in an increase in future shark attacks in Florida and worldwide. It’s already happening in Australia. Think about it: someday you could find yourself adrift and waiting for the Coast Guard Rescue and Bambi of the Sea is circling below you. Will you survive?

For footage of sharks close to the beach:

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Florida Shark Hunter

It’s time the Florida Shark hunter begins to expose this avalanche of shark over- fishing and predator protection propaganda for the nonsense it really is. The real danger to public safety along coastal shores is not only from the marine predators and the dangers they pose but from the liars and profiteers who spread unsubstantiated claims in the name of Ocean Harmony. Shark fishermen and shark fishing in the United States and around the world are, and have been, under attack by the two-legged sharks for far too long.

The Florida Shark Hunter is particularly in jeopardy of extinction. And unsuspecting tourists who enjoy saltwater activities are also at risk of a shark attack if this flow of continued shark fishing regulations is not challenged. If the public looks closely at the Florida Shark Hunter’s list of two-legged sharks and their ilk, they will see how their agendas are not conducive to human safety:

1. George Burgess, curator of the so-called International Shark Attack File, can and does manipulate his reports to favor his shark protection propaganda. Seeings how he is paid (your tax dollars at work!) by the federal government to go out on fishing boats as a “watcher” to ensure shark fishing regulations are adhered to, he profits from these bogus shark fishing restrictions. He is never challenged by independent scrutiny, until NOW!

2, 3 and 4. The National Marine Fisheries, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), all promote unprovable claims of declining shark populations and then dictate what fishing regulations must be implemented to Save Predator Sharks! And the public has no vote as to how their tax dollars are being spent! I should point out that both The National Marine Fisheries and NOAA have been threatened by law suits from environmental groups such as the National Audubon Society, The Ocean Conservatory and, my favorite, Earth Justice! God help us! Me thinks these three extremist groups need to be more concerned with clean air – they’re polluting mine with their gas.

5. The International Union for Conservation of Nature -IUCN as they call themselves, boasts a mixed bag of global hippies hailing from several European countries: Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Denmark. Do they have sharks in Switzerland? Anyhow this group of environmentalists authors the World’s Red List of threatened species of anything living. Insects are included, I suspect. These tinkerbells, excuse me, I mean researchers, gather around the hashish pipe -sorry, I mean the round table searching for anyone who will listen, proclaiming any country that shark fishes to feed its population, like Spain, Argentina, Asia, New Zealand, China and Japan, will cause global extinction of sharks. They suggest everyone abandon their cultural cuisine and become vegetarians or risk being black listed as uncooperative nations! Excuse me while I roll around on the floor laughing!

6. One of the newest of the two-legged sharks is Larry Groth and his Shark Safe group. This self-proclaimed predator protector is currently trying to save his image after jeopardizing two scuba divers in a near-fatal cage collapse after a great white shark charged it. Larry profited from shark feeding expeditions. He then set his sharks free to jeopardize unsuspecting surfers and swimmers that have to contend with aggressive sharks now recognizing that humans mean food.

7. Jim Abernethy; I can’t let this guy off the hook (no pun intended) either, but he was responsible for getting tourist Marcus Groh killed while diving without protection on Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures. Mr. Abernethy also feeds predator sharks for profit, then lets them swim away to threaten other unsuspecting humans. Let’s ring the dinner bell on bathers and more divers!

8. Dr. Bob Hueter of The Mote Marine Laboratory. This guy’s a real gem. He gets reports from fishermen of schooling sharks approaching bathing beaches and says nothing until somebody gets killed. Like he did during Summer of the Sharks when Florida had a spike in shark attacks. THEN he states to a St. Petersburg reporter, “I had a premonition. I had an uncomfortable feeling something was going to happen.” Really?? I ain’t done with this guy, presently I’m investigating a shark attack that Dr. Hueter and his labbies might know more about than they care to admit….

9. We must not forget the countless city and county commissioners who keep quiet and ignore the danger when confronted by the guys flying ads over beaches and see schools of sharks within a shell’s throw of bathers. One father filed a lawsuit in Daytona Beach because his daughter lost her leg after someone warned at a commission meeting that there were huge schools of sharks off shore. The response: “warning people about sharks is like warning people about lightning storms.” Three people got attacked as a consequence of this ignorance.

10. The list could go on but this Florida Shark Hunter will conclude with a group of extremists who call themselves The Shark Specialist Group. They use vague words like ‘could’ or ‘might’ to deter their accountability. They claim a third of the world’s open water sharks (like the oceanic white tip shark, found in nearly all oceans worldwide), face extinction, according to their unverifiable survey. They go on to claim the loss of sharks could have an unpredictable impact on the world’s eco system. They also claim 100 million sharks are caught every year. Also an unverifiable tidbit, why not claim 200 million, or 300 million?

Let’s face it, folks, we have to do something about these people before any more of our economy is unnecessarily wiped out and more people fall victim to shark attacks. I hope to convince survivors of shark predation and fishermen losing their livelihoods, that the only way to stop the insanity is through legal action. These extremists must be held accountable for spreading lies! Public safety and livelihood should be what really matters. I intend to make a difference before it’s too late.

See you in court!

Captain Bill Goldschmitt

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Sharks and the Environmentalist Fodder

Since 1968, as an 18 year old fledgling gill netter and crab puller, I’ve found myself at odds with a strange group of humans. Now a semi-retired shark long-liner, I’ve spent over 40 years on the water and still I’m at odds with the same odd balls. Some call them Environmentalists, Conservationists or Tree-Huggers. In the 60’s, I called them Hippies or Dreamers. These flower-power gurus flourished in a world far from reality and when confronted with the facts, they became belligerent, intent on ramming their viewpoint down your throat. Most of them were hypocritical and simply looking for a cause. Save this…save that…the sky is falling…the world is over populated. Most all preached “harmony”, whatever that is. (Peace, love and kiss the scorpions, embrace the rattlesnakes, I think).
In my little world in those days on Siesta Key, it was Eugene Clark, Bill Mote and Dr. Perry Gilbert, love and harmony, faded jeans or prim suit, they all gathered as part of The Movement, let’s all get along. That’s only if you bought into their propaganda. If you didn’t, you were labeled a fascist or a redneck, war maker or narrow minded.
I think of myself as a realist: if it smells like shit, looks like shit…hey! It must be shit! There are many sides to any story and I try to look at the bigger picture. Take the commercial fishermen in America; like the farmer, we are always underfire from, excuse me, the Extremists. We are feeding people but They say we are raping the land and sea. Soon, your fresh grouper and your crab claws will come from other countries besides the US.
I’ll give you some facts that every American should know. One day YOUR way of life may become offensive to this “harmony group.” If you look hard enough, you’ll find out how these do-good activists sustain their way of life – they use funds from some very unlikely sources:

NOAA-National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, their Shark Management requires so-called over-fished shark stocks be rebuilt to maintain a healthy shark population. Excuse me, last time I checked these predators consumed everything available, endangered loggerhead turtles! Even humans! This is voodoo science at its worst.
The United States considers itself the international leader in tree-hugging – oops – I mean conservation and management of sharks and is one of only two nations out of 87 to develop plans of action. The other nations wonder what all the fuss is about while they’re trying to rally us into targeting something really endangered, like clean air!
“Environmentalist” George Burgess is responsible for shark attack data but is also part of the US Government observation platform to oversee shark fishing restrictions so his trailer is hitched to the US Gravy Train. Why is the fox overseeing the henhouse? He benefits by white-washing actual attack statistics worldwide, to keep his post, paid for by: you and me.
On the other side, Eugene Lapointe, president of IWMC World Conservation Trust, explains the following: pro-shark activists speak in an Orwellian voice. Their propaganda excuses sharks for attacks on humans as mistaken identity. He also says these activists almost blame the humans for provoking shark predation on man. Burgess, under the cloak of US taxpayers’ money supports what they lable as a misunderstood predator by reporting a very small portion of attacks worldwide and generating anthropomorphic propaganda. Burgess’ statistics echo this tree-hugger mentality and therefore should be regarded as dubious.
Sean Paige, of The National Post, reports that a large portion of the Save-the- Shark propaganda is financed by your tax dollars. That’s right! The Fish and Wildlife Service recently donated $200,000 to SSG Dr. Merry Camhi of the Shark Specialist Group (extremists). One Tampa news conference cost the taxpayers $32,000, largely financed by The National Marine Fisheries Service and The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. All that public money spent to distribute bogus science, which attempts to upgrade sharks and downgrade human safety! Does something smell fishy here? You bet: government agencies, rent-a-scientists and Save the Ocean groups and anti-fishing foundations all are looking after their own gravy trains! And how better to do it than prey on people’s misplaced sympathies!
As a retired shark fisherman, I see deep pockets and the protection of tourist dollars at work here. Think about it. What’s more important, public safety or the protection of the economy of beach communities? Here’s a fact that the public should digest: Florida banned commercial shark fishing in 1992 and sharply curtailed recreational shark fishing (1 per person, 2 per boat), establishing defacto shark sanctuaries in coastal waters, where shark encounters are most likely to occur. And 17 years later, they’re still crying sharks are “dwindling in numbers.” How can that be?
Most of the largest and dangerous sharks I captured were hooked within 3 miles of the beach; rogue man-eaters according to actual scientists Dr. V.M Copelson and Dr. Stewart Springer. Is the federal government contributing to dangerous voodoo science? Me thinks, “yes!” Coastal tourism is a billions of dollars industry and it must be protected Dangerous sharks near shore are bad, so lets just pretend the sharks aren’t there! Politicians are protecting their cash cow and the environmentalists are propping up their agenda!
Here’s more food for thought: we haven’t learned much from the protection of alligators in Florida. Seems these sweethearts of the reptile world are getting out of control and eating Grandma’s pet poodle. Damn, where’s PETA when you need them?

Captain Bill Goldschmitt

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Sharks and Environmentalists

Since 1968, as an 18 year old fledgling gill netter and crab puller, I’ve found myself at odds with a strange group of humans. Now a semi-retired shark long-liner, I’ve spent over 40 years on the water and still I’m at odds with the same odd balls. Some call them Environmentalists, Conservationists or Tree-Huggers. In the 60’s, I called them Hippies or Dreamers. These flower-power gurus flourished in a world far from reality and when confronted with the facts, they became belligerent, intent on ramming their viewpoint down your throat. Most of them were hypocritical and simply looking for a cause. Save this…save that…the sky is falling…the world is over populated. Most all preached “harmony”, whatever that is. (Peace, love and kiss the scorpions, embrace the rattlesnakes, I think). Continue reading

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