Catch and Release Shark Study: A Waste of YOUR Tax Dollars!

J-Hook on the left, Circle Hook on the right; which do you think is the most effective hook in catching fish?

During the month of June, Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) held 5 public meetings across
the state to announce their plan to protect tiger and hammerhead sharks, and to
require the use of Circle (Japanese Tuna Hooks) Hooks when targeting all sharks. These underpublicized meetings were meant to inform as few anglers and general public of this animal protection nonsense.  FWC doesn’t care what anybody thinks, because they have an agenda and, like most government agencies, they are out of control.

Today, the FWC, The National Marine Fisheries, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), etc. , are  over-run by pro animal fanatics. These people in decision-making positions align themselves with lobbyists and well-financed organizations, like PEW, American Humane Society, Wild-Aid, Mote Marine Lab., etc., and their agenda is clear: Stop the Killing! They don’t like fishermen or hunters and they don’t believe in the sustainable use of our natural resources. If they could mandate that hunters use blank cartridges in their guns they’d do it! But for now fishermen, especially sports fishermen are the present target. This is why “catch and release” is acceptable. But you guys with guns…baby you’re next!

What most Americans should find troubling is how easily our tax dollars are appropriated
to further the CON-servation agenda. Two months after the FWC meetings, NOAA
awarded Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota (my backyard) a $192,000 grant to
study how sharks fare after “catch and release” using Circle and J- Hooks. They
plan to mount accelerometers or tags with motion-sensing technology to the
dorsal fins of their hooked sharks. They seem to think that the American
tax-payer might be concerned about the trauma those poor sharks deal with after
catch and release. I don’t think the American tax payer gives a rat’s ass about
predator sharks. Read the news lately? (Last time I checked the papers a 5 year
old was attacked off an Atlantic Beach!)  It’s the economy, it’s jobs and wasted tax
dollars. This upsets most rational people.

Seems today’s marine biologist wants to ignore the work of past fishermen and scientists who have already published similar studies—studies that don’t  gel with their agenda, so they get grants to re-research what is already available.  The works of Captain Bill Gray, Director of Collections for both  The Miami Seaquarium and Marineland, Captain Charlie Buie, also from The Seaquarium, Garret Klay, who captured thousands of sharks for Aquariums like Seaworld worldwide,  Dr. Stewart Springer, or myself, Captain Bill
Goldschmitt, a commercial fisherman for 4 decades, are irrelevant.  Hell, if NOAA was really serious in evaluating the effects on catch and release, they could’ve purchased my book, SHARKMAN OF CORTEZ for $24.95 and saved the American Taxpayer $191,975.00!

Maybe we need to ask our elected officials in Washington, “Who’s minding the bank?” This
over-sized, tax-payer-funded grant to Mote sounds like the story a few years back about tax dollars spent on $500 hammers and $1000 toilet seats for government awarded contracts. Heads rolled after that one, remember?

Now for Circle Hooks. Nearly 60 years ago, these hooks were designed by the Japanese as
a quick way for tuna fishermen to drop fish off their lines as they swung the fish over their shoulders and into the ice vats behind them.  J-hooks deeply imbed in tunas’ mouths and become time consuming to remove. The exaggerated curve in the barb of circle hooks prevents the hook from penetrating the tuna’s mouth, enabling a quick release. Circle hooks were NOT designed to replace conventional J-Hooks for other methods of fishing. This is not rocket-science and the FWC knows this; it’s save the fish agenda. They know that any angler who uses circle hooks will lose far more fish than he catches. (Remember, Stop the killing…) And “catch and release”? Well, fishermen have known for a 100 years that only smaller fish that can be landed quickly, are most likely to survive.

To quote Captain Bill Gray, who wrote the fisherman’s bible and was the pioneer of
today’s fishermen,  “ It is difficult to catch and release most game fish or any large sharks as their violent twists, furious jumps or shaking is unnatural to them. Their bodies tend to severely strain their vertebrae and often rupture their internal organs. After release,
they tend to drift to the bottom and fall prey to other predators. With sharks,
they have no true bones and the cartilage tears with the trauma of getting
hooked. If I can eat it, I do so. I never waste a fish.” (CREATURES OF THE SEA;
Wilfred Funk Inc., New York; 1960).

God bless Captain Gray, he was my mentor.

In the 60’s and 70’s, “catch and release” wasn’t a big deal. We ate nearly everything we
caught. Today’s conservationists claiming to be sportsmen, use the term as a feel
about yourself; kind of a pat on the back. “See, I didn’t kill the fish, I‘m not so bad.” Awww… the con game of today’s protect-the-fish-fanatics, their propaganda never ends!

I think Mote should return the $192,000 — our hard-earned dollars. I’m going to write a
letter to President Obama or maybe Governor Rick Scott. Got to stop that
wasteful spending you know…I understand Mote just bought a new boat.


Captain Bill

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The Sharks are Everywhere!

All I can say is: Really?

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As a commercial shark fisherman for four decades, I’ve often been entertained (as millions of others) by the annual episodes of The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The reenactments of countless shark attacks as well as interviews of victims have emphasized the need of those who enter the world’s oceans to be vigilant. Anyone entering the wild elements becomes part of the food chain. Educational and informational, Shark Week has been beneficial, since many shark attack victims learned to defend themselves after viewing stories of survival offered by the popular TV series.

But over several years Shark Week has featured episodes of shark and human interaction that, although increase ratings, encourages behavior that inevitably will result in disastrous consequences. Shark Week has become a platform for a myriad of shark protectionists to promote their propaganda against the safety of humans while elevating sharks to a deity. I suspect this is a result of the many animal rights organizations which have claimed Shark Week presents predator sharks as vicious, blood-thirsty killers, (which, if you’ve ever fished for them, you would know this to be true.)

Peta, The Pew Foundation, Save our Oceans Foundation, The American Humane Society, the list goes on and on, are clearly, well-oiled fund raising operations with many donors. Check out any “save the shark’ website (there are hundreds) and you’ll find threats to boycott advertisers and anyone remotely connected with Shark Week. Maybe this is why after every episode the producers run the claim that “100 million sharks are killed by man each year with only a few human deaths. Sort of an appeasement to the Ecos while still racking in the profit! Sharks, after all, are the ultimate entertainment!

Today, shark protectionists featured on Shark Week lament that these elegant, majestic, wonderful, magnificent creatures are near extinction! But I’ve worked with, done business with or debated many of them and they are full of S%@#! I refer to these Eco Fruits and Nuts as prostitutes of REAL conservation. They downplay the danger of sharks while making tons of money through eco-dive tours to feed, photograph, or simply brainwash people into donating cash to their cause. Producers of shark week seem to be letting idiots run the show—they dive without protective cages and paddle on surfboards while great whites follow them, they film divers hand-feeding, tagging or simply touching dangerous
sharks seemingly to present sharks as misunderstood pussy cats.

Shark Week shows this odd circus of idiots promoting their perception of “majestic
creatures” while they feed sharks tons of tuna, chum (fish parts), fishsicles , (frozen bait), all dangerous acts which enable these predators to lose any natural fear of humans. And when the party’s over does anyone realize where these hand-fed killers swim? Most likely to an unsuspecting swimmer who has no food except himself.

Ask the skipper from South Australia if HE thinks great whites are “majestic” after he watched  a pair of them rip apart and consume diver Peter Clarkson near (appropriately named) Coffin Bay. Or howabout asking the tourists how “beautiful” sharks are after witnessing an estimated 16 foot great white swallowing 37 year old Lloyd Skinner in three bites! One tour operator featured on Shark Week was responsible for the death of a diver killed by a tiger shark in the Bahamas and another profiteer nearly got a pair of divers
killed while photographing sharks off the California Coast.

Fact is, everybody will watch a train wreck or a plane crash on TV. Those fruits and nuts on Shark Week, well they’re entertainment too! But their reckless, actions are viewed by kids who get the notion, “Hey, sharks aren’t that bad!” Maybe they think it’s OK to pet a shark  so . . . who will pay in the end? Perhaps this is why the producers of Shark Week run the disclaimer saying what you see should not be attempted without a professional supervisor. (What, one of the Eco’s?) Anyone with common sense should know not to hand feed a shark.

I wish Shark Week would return to their format when they first aired two decades ago. Shark attacks and the danger sharks pose is REAL. Today there’s no shortage of shark attacks. Maybe Shark Week should take a closer look at how many sharks are really swimming in the oceans. They’re not becoming extinct, it’s just the opposite. Ignore the threat of boycotts by eco-extremists and do some real investigation. The truth could me more entertaining than the fruits and nuts while saving some more lives!

Captain Bill

Sharkman of


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SHARKS ATTACKING CHILDREN: while Florida Fish and Wildlife declares open season on southern bathers!

This is no joke—during the month of June, FWC held quiet meetings in five Florida cities
with as little fanfare as possible to inform the few who showed up of their proposal to add dangerous hammerhead and tiger sharks to their banned fishing list. Armed with no evidence, FWC analyst Aaron Pody, claimed both species are overfished and need protection.

I’m Captain Bill Goldschmitt, author of Sharkman of Cortez and I was present on June 23 to debate this ridiculous nonsense. It’s open season on bathers! Eight shark attacks have occurred in less than three months in south Atlantic and Gulf waters. Four of these attacks were on children aged, 14, 12, 10 and a little 5 year-oldgirl. That’s right, folks, this government agency believes the protection of savage predator sharks is more important than public safety. I list three eco-lunatics with influence over FWC as a real danger to humans. They are:

One: George Burgess, Director of the International Shark Attack File. Burgess suggests that a bather should “Swim with a companion to avoid a shark attack.” Is this so you
don’t get eaten alone, or you just reduce your chances of being eaten to 50%? He also says, “Future generations must act to save sharks.” And, “One hundred million sharks are killed a year while only ten humans are fatally attacked, so it’s pretty obvious who the REAL aggressor is.” God help us.

Two: Bobbie Hueter, Director of shark research at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. He claims, “Shark stocks have declined significantly over 25 years due to commercial fishing”. Yet Florida and the U.S. has had no viable commercial shark fishing industry for nearly two decades. He’s not sure how many sharks are in Florida waters.  He says, “There is not a reliable method for collecting data or to determine their true numbers.”! (This
guy seems to view life through pink harmonious glasses-I wonder if he could assess how many whores surround a New Orleans lamppost!)

Three: Neil Hammerschlag of University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Conservation Program. This frizzy haired, pimply crusader of sharks laments the disappearing sharks in a fragile eco-system. A self-proclaimed nemesis of shark fishermen, he received threats after defending bull sharks that killed 38 year old Stephen Schafer, a kiteboarder attacked near Stuart, Florida. He says, “Attacks are rare and they don’t bite unless provoked.” Neil let one reporter know that he and his wife plan to name their children for different shark species…can we find a pair of his and her straight-jackets, PLEASE??

Seriously, I admit this shark protection is no joke. It’s the result of these deranged eco-lunatics who hold strategic positions of authority which enables them to dupe the press
with their fabrications of declining shark stocks, doom and gloom predictions,
and theories why sharks attack humans (maybe they’re hungry??). And…their simplistic
belief that no fish or animal should be killed for sport, food or self-preservation. These are animal-rights activists who are making decisions that affect us all. Humans use oceans for recreation; common sense tells us we need to protect ourselves.

The FWC will meet January, 2012 in Key Largo to formally adopt the hammerhead and tiger sharks as protected. Their agenda is clear: 23 of the 28 species of Florida sharks are now protected but they want them ALL protected. Go to the public swimming pool everyone! In 2011 shark attacks have increased worldwide and you can bet if hammerheads and tigers are protected, I will take legal action.

On September 8, 2010, two fishermen in the Bahamas hooked a large tiger shark. Its stomach contained a headless torso of a 300 pound man. Protectionists claimed the man drowned. I’m not making this up, folks. The facts are as clear as the sky is blue. The quotes I use here are from news clips and websites. Is anyone besides me listening??? Stop this insanity before a child dies.

Captain Bill



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My God, these eco-scientists (lunatics) defy logic again! I’m captain Bill Goldschmitt, author of Sharkman of Cortez and after 40 years of capturing sharks for a living, I thought I’d heard every reason from the eco-experts why a shark attacks. (Aside from the fact they might be hungry.) This summer’s explanation will floor any rational thinking person. On July 1st, 10 year-old Cassidy Cartwright was savagely bitten on her lower leg while on a boogie board in shallow water off a North Carolina Beach. Cassidy’s mother and a friend fought the attacking shark and pulled the bleeding girl ashore. A tooth from the shark was removed from her leg at the hospital so the species should be identifiable.

At week’s end, on July 7th a 12 year-old Nicholas Vossler was attacked in shallow water along the northern Gulf of Mexico. His father and a family friend also battled the attacking shark to free young Nicholas. His wound was so severe that bone was exposed.

Both children are lucky their parents were able to fight off the attacking sharks but Shark Attack Behaviorists (Shark Protectors) claim the sharks did not intend on feeding on the children. As is typical of pro-shark activists, they maintain that sharks are misunderstood. They don’t want to feed on humans because we taste bad. I wonder who does their food critic interviews! Anyway, this shark researcher from University of Miami claims that sharks don’t bite unless provoked. I wonder what Cassidy’s and Nicholas’ parents think about that. Did their kids attack the sharks?

This shark expert also claims that these incidents are rare and only happen because the shark has no hands to touch or introduce itself when it “investigates” the human intruder. Therefore it must bite. Eric Ritter, a so-called Shark Behaviorist featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week interprets shark attacks as “shark accidents.”! This guy let a bull shark tear into his leg in order to be featured on Discovery Channel. This is shark protector’s logic folks!

It’s unfortunate that these so-called scientists are in positions of authority like NOAA and FWC where they can promote their anti-shark fishing agenda. Aaron Podey of Florida Fish and Wildlife has declared our state’s waters as a “shark sanctuary and a unique opportunity to conserve and protect shark species.”  It’s not illegal now to actually catch a shark, fishermen are allowed one shark per person or two per boat. However FWC added the lemon shark as a prohibited species in 2010. Two years earlier they put the sandbar and dusky sharks  on this same list, and this year they want to add the hammerhead and the tiger to the prohibited list. (And they split hairs about semantics: these sharks are not “protected” they’re “prohibited”, which to me, sounds like they’re protected.) I’m sure Makos and bulls sharks are next!

This is their agenda. 23 of the28 available species of Florida sharks are now protected or prohibited (you can’t catch them. ) In two years, outdoorsmen will find no legal sharks to catch. A comforting thought next time your kids go swimming!

Where is the logic? I plan to sue both NOAA and FWC to demand their evidence of declining shark stocks. Will you? Time is running out, I ask that my readers join in this fight for truth. E-mail Governor Scott about this ILLOGICAL ‘protect the shark’ agenda before it’s too late!

Captain Bill

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Captain Bill and fans protesting FWC’s call to put the great hammerhead and tiger sharks on the protected species list


I‘m Captain Bill Goldschmitt, nearly 61 years old. I’ve been studying shark attacks for over four decades and am still baffled by shark protectionists hell-bent on claiming the world’s top predators (sharks) as misunderstood and near extinction! They have no proof of shark stocks declining — the facts simply don’t support such a claim. In fact, in Florida waters, catch totals documented by actual fishermen, commercial and sport, clearly indicate that shark populations of Atlantic and Gulf-of-Mexico sharks are dramatically up since 2001. These “save animal” eco-fanatics also claim that one hundred million sharks are killed each year. Hmmm . . .  must be a lot of sharks swimming out there.

The National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Dr. Bobbie Hueter, Director of Shark Research at More Marine Lab in Sarasota, Dr, Neil Hammerschlag, Founder of University of Miamis’ R.J. Dunlap Shark Conservation Program and a slew of anti-shark-fishing organizations like The Pew Foundation, Wild Aid, The Humane Society, etc., keep brain-washing the public with bold lies, covered in a fog of smoke and mirrors. All meant to push their profitable, “protect the sharks’ agenda.” This defies logic!~ It’s a known fact that sharks have been attacking and killing humans for hundreds of years!

After staging my own protest against an FWC meeting in Sarasota which plans to declare open season on bathers by adding the great hammerhead and the tiger sharks to the protected species list, I sat in front of the television with a beer to ponder the future of an outdoorsman’s’ rights. I watched as most of Florida was stunned by the “not guilty” verdict blasted across our news. The trial lasting nearly a month or more showed a young woman as unfit to raise her child, who lied to authorities of the whereabouts of her daughter. She basically covered up her daughter’s disappearance for 31 days’ long enough to destroy all incriminating evidence. Does this case defy logic? Sure it does. But several defense attorneys, like the shark protectors, baffled us with theories and unfounded accusations (smoke and mirrors) such as Casey’s father molesting her so she’s excused from lying. But an innocent child is dead and justice is not served. I know, the jury can’t convict unless the evidence proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt . . .  I’ve got the answer: Mr. Plum did it and the detective lost the evidence while kissing the maid!

Captain Bill

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FWC-Squashing our rights with more flawed science


islander says:

Endangered species: American fisherman

I read with great interest the latest article regarding shark fishing. It reminded me of a debate I had with William Mote some years ago, when he wanted me to capture live sharks for his aquarium on City Island. He said a fisherman such as myself, who enjoyed fishing (and often killing sharks), was in direct conflict with those at Mote who believed in protecting animals.

Which is why he said: “ It is necessary to re-educate a new generation about protecting shark species. This also is why at Mote we work hand-in-hand with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, to enact good, sound conservation policies.”

This is one reason why Florida’ s Commercial Fishing Industry is nearly dead — 85 percent of seafood consumed here is imported.

Jobs are lost and the charter boat fishermen are being choked economically — gag grouper and other fishing restrictions closing seasons during peak tourism, with more jobs lost.

And telling local outdoorsmen they can’ t fish from a beach or a pier! This is what happens when eco-extremists, propped up by a government agency, at taxpayers’ expense can push bad science — speculative fish stocks — in the name of conservation. Anyone really concerned with conservation should read “ Embracing the Earth’ s Wild Resources” by Eugene Lapointe, an IWMC World Conservation Trust publication.

Your article states, “ The FWC does not have extensive shark research facilities, so expert advice on sharks comes from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, which has a shark research facility.”

I find it humorous that concerns from a few — I must assume, animal rights activists — would contact Anna Maria Mayor Selby about prohibiting shark fishing anywhere on the island. People who don’ t know how to fish are telling those who do what’ s best for all.

And why would the city commission find director of shark research
at Mote Bob Hueter’ s input relevant. This is the same protectionist who claims, “ Sharks are near extinction and their numbers have dropped 50 percent.” Then contradicts himself by saying in the same publication, “ Quantifying the exact shark number is not possible.” (The Daily News, Oct. 24). He now claims in your publication, “ Florida waters abound with sharks and anyone entering the water is probably within a mile or two of them.”

Which is it, Bobbie?

Any serious shark fisherman knows sharks feed at night. Best time — full moon and an outgoing tide. Anyone who wants to swim during these conditions is asking to become shark bait. It’ s my hope that when Gov. Rick Scott receives a true assessment of shark stocks from my fishermen’ s legal catch totals, photo documentation and DNA samples from my Predator Roundup Tournament, along with the National Fishing Alliance’ s reports of real industry data, some heads will roll at FWC.

We need to stop wasting tax dollars on the FWC which implements these restrictions based on biased opinions of eco-extremists. As to any attempt to regulate shark fishing on Anna Maria Island, the Florida statutes state: The beach below the mean high-waterline is owned by the state. This renders any bans on beach shark fishing unconstitutional! On Feb. 2, the Boca Raton Marine Advisory Board voted unanimously to reject an ordinance banning shark fishing. Common sense prevailed.

Forty years ago, I stepped out my back door and saw an America that was land of the free and home of the brave. Today, I step out the same door and see an America that is the land of the lobbyist (Peta, Pew, etc.) and home of the special interests (non-governmental organizations raising money)

If Anna Maria Island City Commission attempts any anti-shark fishing ordinance, I will sue. As an outdoorsman, I will fight to protect my rights.

Capt. Bill Goldschmitt, Sarasota

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 I’ve studied shark attacks over 40 years but this attack on a child surfer in October of 2003 in Hawaii caused me to pay close attention to this courageous victim. Bethany Hamilton returned to her passion of surfing after she lost her arm in a nearly fatal encounter with the deadliest predator Mother Nature has to offer.  This wasn’t Jaws fiction but a swimmer’s worst nightmare: an attack from a wild animal intent on her death.

Recently my son and I watched the movie about this young victim’s life. I found her story a testament to her faith in human kind as well as her own inner strength. It was refreshing in light of the Eco-Lunacy I’ve dealt with in the past 2 decades.  Born of the 60’s and 70’s hippie movement, present-day extreme environmentalism has opened the world to animal protection fanaticism. — not to be confused with legitimate conservation. Check out any of the slew of Eco websites on shark protection imploring you to send letters complaining to book or magazine or film producers to stop portraying these wild predators as killers. (They sure work hard to keep people from calling a spade a spade and people are gullible enough to follow along…)

I’m amazed how these eco-loons insist on promoting propaganda that predators are misunderstood and harmless and that “encounters” with them are “accidental.” Even movie reviews of Soul Surfer refer to the shark attack as “an unfortunate marine accident”!  Kind of like minimizing a fall into the Grand Canyon as a slip on the kitchen floor. These reviews I find insulting to my intelligence! Like the shark attack that killed 13 year old Jamie Daigle off a Destin Florida beach in which experts claimed she swam out too far, ignoring the fact that she was bitten in half by a bull shark.

One must consider the motivation behind eco groups who claim that the destruction and death from the recent tsunami in Japan as retribution for Japan’s consuming shark fin soup. Oh please! Even PETA and the Humane Society asked for donations to save the ANIMALS left homeless by this disaster! Reality is stranger than fiction.

 Thank God for stories like Bethany’s where she holds faith in human kind above her own tragedy.

Captain Bill Goldschmitt

Co-author, Sharkman of Cortez

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Troubled Waters

“Troubled Waters For Sharks” Published June 8th, 2008

(Original article is posted on this page below Captain Bill’s response)

June 9, 2008

Mr. Tom Lyons
Sarasota Herald Tribune

To Mr. Tom Lyons,

Sir, I am writing this letter in response to the story by Steve Gibson (Outdoors) titled The Great Debate Troubled Waters, June 8th, about Dr. Heuter’s concerns about sports fishermen killing sharks. My first thought was, “Oh no, not again.” Continue reading

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Tax Dollars used to protect killer sharks

“Holy shit, we just saw a gigantic shark eat what looked like a person in front of our house. . . that shark was huge. Like dinosaur huge!!” Typed witness Greg Copper.

There were plenty of eyewitnesses to the shark attack that took the helpless victim in three bites – that’s right, three bites. So much for mistaken identity and that their bites on humans are only due to investigative accidents. And let’s not forget my favorite quote from “shark expert” Georgie Burgess: “Sharks are sooooo misunderstood.” He also claims you have more to fear from bee stings than from death by shark attack and reiterates that the REAL story is not Shark bites Man but Man bites Shark, referring to sharks killed for their fins. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how this spokesman for the environmentalist con game stays ahead of the straight jacket.

The victim in the above shark attack, 37 year old Lloyd Skinner was consumed by a great white shark, a protected, and as enviros claim, endangered species, as life guards from South Africa’s Fish Hoek beach and a slew of other tourists, including Skinner’s girl friend, watched in horror as the killer shark, swam from the pool of blood into deeper water. Within 24 hours, environmental groups around the world began their propaganda campaign, mocking this human tragedy with their trademark spin.

Many of these organizations receive tax dollars to fund this insane agenda of shark conservation. Enviro hippies say humans invade the sharks’ domain, so why grieve for them? They chant their mantra: “100,000,000 sharks killed each year, even though scientists who pulled this figure out of thin air nearly two decades ago now claim they had no scientific evidence for this number. Conservation group Wild Aid claims that sharks are “the biggest mass slaughter happening on the planet.” A spokesman for Shark Savers, another group that vows to save the precious sharks (and I find this nut really disturbing), claims: “Mankind is a degenerative unstoppable disease which is disgusting . . . destroying everything they touch, consuming the world’s resources . . . reproduces uncontrollably, adding to our population while sharks are the most beautiful creatures of all.” He also says he cries on his bed at night when he sees a shark killed. These idiots comment on my website ( regularly, making threats against me and my family because I post undeniable evidence that disputes their claims. Fact is, sharks are not becoming extinct. The directors of these conservation groups are raking in big bucks and living quite well while peddling their doom and gloom theory. Like the scientist in the Shark Con movie trailer on You Tube says, “Drama, crisis is their bread and butter.”

The Eco’s platform and credibility are being challenged – they’re threatened so they attack with insults, using profanity against anyone who disagrees with them. Common sense (like sharks are wolves of the oceans that do attack people) tears holes in the fabric of their irrational thinking. Most of these animal advocates, or eco-followers, believe they must save wild life from what they perceive as ‘human’s assault on nature.’ Why don’t they stick with a real world cause, like pollution? These socially and emotionally crippled individuals, like the fellow who cries about a dead shark, have unfortunately become a dangerous group of misfits.

Take for example, the strange group of shark attack victims organized by the so-called non-profit Pew Environmentalist, that traveled to Washington D.C. in July, 2009. One of them said, “Finally we can be heard. We forgive the sharks for attacking us, and we’ve bonded with them.” Where are the straight-jackets here? I should mention that these idiots got some fame on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and I bet they were well compensated for their efforts. Misguided as they were, these people did a disservice to others who have died from shark attacks and those who will in the future.

This lobbying blitz was organized to strengthen an existing ban on shark finning in US waters which was introduced into the Senate by Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry. Anyone wonder what voters think of Mr. Kerry pandering to these enviros while greedy bankers are bankrupting our country and American fishermen are losing their jobs? No wonder there is so much voter apathy! Meanwhile environmental gurus collect tax money from the Fish and Game Commission, using unscientific propaganda to brainwash our children. All this in light of increasing shark attacks worldwide due to no longer being hunted.

I wonder when the public will demand accountability. When will rational thinking voters begin to demand safe beaches along American coasts like in Australia and parts of South Africa. And put an end to the ridiculous shark fishing regulations that only serve to protect the trillion dollar US tourist industry. The only good shark is one choking on my baited steel hook and a shotgun hole through its prehistoric head!

Good luck and sweet dreams. Hope you’ll sleep peacefully after the next human gets consumed by one of those misunderstood sharks that Burgess says doesn’t like the taste of humans!
Sharkman of Cortez

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